Hole Saw Systems

The Morse Fast Adapt system provides a solution for professionals who consistently use common sizes of hole saws every day. The Morse Fast Adapt system makes changing hole saws as quick as a twist and a click. For over 50 years, MK Morse hole saws have offered users the best possible combination of hole saw performance, efficiency and economy.
50 years of service
state of art
Unique design
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The ultimate hole saw kit features 8 Advanced Edge hole saw sizes, a Fast Adapt Universal Arbor, 8 adaptors to suit, 3 pilot drills and a handy carry case.

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Fast Adapt Starter Pack

This starter pack kit comes with a Fast Adapt Universal Arbor and 5 adaptors to suit. The Fast Adapt system saves you time by allowing you to change hole saws in seconds. They are interchangeable with any hole saw and feature a precision locking system for safety and ease of use.

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The Advanced Edge Bi-Metal Hole Saw

Engineered with the strongest tooth profile in the market, Advanced Edge delivers unrivalled performance and durability for long life. Boasting more teeth and a deeper gullet in the cutting action increases material removal and results in more efficient cutting.

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