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Alicia Sciberras creates her dream Designer Looks bathroom

Thursday, September 29th 2016

Return to the Powder Room

Stylist Alicia Sciberras has teamed up with design collective, Amber Road, to craft an otherworldly outdoor shower zone inspired by a shared love for bold colours and intricate details. We’ve got the inside story to get your creativity flowing for your ow

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Our Designer Looks series pairs magazine editors or creatives with designers and architects to produce the ultimate dream bathroom (in virtual form!). For this special Designer Looks edition, Alicia Sciberras and Amber Road together created this dreamy outdoor bathroom landscape. We spoke to the creative team to find out the inspiration behind the project.

What led you to work with each other on this project?
Alicia Sciberras: We have collaborated on many things in the past and share a very similar way of thinking. I admire Amber Road’s bold use of colour and attention to detail on both the surface and structural elements of any project.
Amber Road: Alicia has an incredible sense of spatial awareness and installation art, and we love using colour and texture in unexpected combinations so it seemed the perfect collaboration. Her desire to make things interesting, beautiful and liveable really resonated with our studio.

Tell us, what inspiration did you use in generating your design?
Alicia: We shared a Pinterest mood board, and with no budget constraints, we did not hold back on indulgent surfaces, mosaics, giant ancient fossils from 1st Dibs, and an ageing copper wall – all working together to create the perfect backdrop for the Reece fixtures and fittings.

Was it this freedom that led you to create an outdoor shower zone?
Alicia: Our outside/in approach to the bathing area was a response to my dream of owning an outdoor shower. It then only made sense to extend this brief with my other childhood dream of owning a pool.
Amber Road: We thought it only natural to provide a space which blurred the boundaries between inside and out. Where each bath ritual was celebrated, and each product could command its own space as if being showcased in an outdoor gallery, a fitting concept considering Alicia's degree in sculpture. 

The space you’ve designed is both calming and invigorating. Tell us about the colour palette and how you chose it.
Alicia: We chose flesh and turquoise as our colour palette and water as a central focus, associated with fertility, rebirth and the power of creation.

And the layout?
Amber Road: Simple bold colourful planes with shapely perforations provided the perfect backdrop to the sculptural marble busts and oversized fossils. These artful injections were carefully placed near wet areas to provide a towel to be draped upon. Generous walkways were introduced so the lead-up to each area – whether it was the outdoor shower, stand alone vanity on a pitted plinth, or a secluded bath – was a celebratory experience.

What, if anything, would you say the purpose of this space is?
Amber Road: The space was literally stripped of any detail, leaving only the essential.
Alicia: The main aim is to encourage visitors to lose track of time.

Read more about Alicia’s timeless space and see the products she used to build it, click here. Explore more of Reece’s Designer Looks collaborations, click here.


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