The Block 2021: Biggest Bathroom Moments on the Show

The Block 2021: Biggest Bathroom Moments on the Show

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The Block 2021 saw professional renovators, returning champs and renovation rookies fight it out for the top prize, with Mitch & Mark bagging the win and an impressive $740,000 in prize money. 

Despite this eclectic mix of contestants, we were able to spot four key trends that tied many of the bathrooms together.

Everyday wellness

Who says spa days and wellness retreats should just be an occasional indulgence? If there’s anything the past two years have taught Aussies, it’s that a little self-care can truly go a long way.

Ronnie & Georgia showed us that wellness has its place in the home. Both their bathrooms have the tranquil feel of a Scandinavian day spa, with softly hued timber and light grey tiles offering an organic touch.

Ronnie & Georgia's Scandi day spa-inspired main bathroom on The Block 2021

Whether soaking in the Kado Lux oval freestanding bath or washing off a clay mask at the Alape Unisono Counter Basin perched on a ISSY Blossom II vanity, every second is turned into a moment worth savouring.

Mitch & Mark also made sure to weave wellness into their designs, surprising judges and viewers alike with their decision to build a home spa in the basement of House 2.

Mitch & Mark's challenge-winning main bathroom on The Block 2021

The pair’s thoughtful design combined little touches, such as bathrobe hooks and towel storage, and choice of the Omvivo Venice Pedestal basins amplify the feeling that you’re stepping into a personal day spa.

Gold without the gaudiness

Gold fixtures and fittings are here to stay. This year’s Blockheads showed us just how to use gold in a refined and thoughtful manner.

In House 5, Kirsty & Jesse harnessed the full boldness and brilliance of gold in every room. Their regal colour scheme of rich blues and soft greys helped their Mizu Drift brushed gold fixtures and fittings pop that bit more, making for some pretty breathtaking spaces. From turning on the tap to hanging your towel, every move you make will see you coming into contact with a gold surface.

Kirsty & Jesse used a blue and gold colour scheme to create a luxe Hamptons space in their master ensuite on The Block 2021.

Mitch & Mark also didn’t shy away from using gold, which went beautifully with their Old Hollywood aesthetic. Like Kirsty & Jesse, the returning Faves also went with Mizu Drift in brushed gold throughout their bathrooms, seamlessly achieving their vision without breaking the budget.

Australian-made matters

From locally-manufactured vanities and cabinets to tapware that’s made from 85% recycled brass, this year’s Blockheads focused on top-notch, Australian-made products.

The contestants chose Sussex and Milli products crafted from recycled brass shavings, which helped to reduce their environmental impact. Tanya & Vito and Ronnie & Georgia playfully paired the two brands together for a complete showering experience.

Ronnie & Georgia's locally made shower products comprised of 85% recycled brass, forged in Melbourne.

Vanities proved to be a particularly home-grown affair this year. From beautiful pleated ISSY Blossom vanities in Ronnie & Georgia and Mitch & Mark’s bathrooms, through to classic Hamptons shaker-style Kado Lux cabinetry in Kirsty & Jesse’s guest bathroom, Blockheads embraced the opportunity to champion Australian manufacturing.

One team who really tailored their space with Aussie made was Tanya & Vito. The couple chose from almost 30 different exterior coats, dozens of benchtop finishes and a plethora of different sizes, which ensured they nailed the Mediterranean aesthetic they had in mind.

The Posh Domaine Plus vanity in Tanya & Vito's Mediterranean-inspired main bathroom was manufactured in Australia.

Big-ticket bathtubs

With creating a sanctuary being a top priority this season, it’s no surprise that we saw contestants making use of some knockout bathtubs. There’s perhaps no better spot for your “me time” than the bath, and luckily, the Blockheads have shown us just how to allow for dreamy at-home experiences.

Hotel-inspired brand Kado was a clear contestant favourite, with the Kado Lussi freestanding bath being used by Mitch & Mark, Josh & Luke, Tanya & Vito and Kirsty & Jesse! Available in various sizes, this tub can slip into even the smallest of bathrooms.

The Kado Lussi freestanding bath, seen in Josh & Luke's main bathroom on The Block 2021.

If you do have more space to play with, look to Josh & Luke for inspiration. The brothers chose to make a statement with the LAUFEN Val round freestanding bath, mirroring the look and feel of a luxe retreat.

With Reece’s range of space-conscious styles, there’s never been a better opportunity to splash out.

With help from our skilled team of consultants, we were able to take the contestants from dreaming about their time on The Block to believing they could achieve success with us.