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Bathroom Renovation Masterclass: realestate.com.au’s top tips on renovating to sell vs. renovating your forever home

Friday, March 22nd 2019

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Ahead of our national Bathroom Renovation Masterclass in Sydney, realestate.com.au’s Chloe de Ridder shares her top renovation tips to sell versus renovating your forever home.

reece bathroom rennovation masterclass

Firstly, the big question is: Are you looking to renovate your property to sell, or renovating for your forever home? The answer is essential as ultimately it will determine how you choose to renovate your property and the decisions you make, says realestate.com.au’s managing editor on Lifestyle, Chloe de Ridder.

It really is all in the planning and doing your due diligence when it comes to research, from tradie rates and fixtures and fittings right through to setting a budget so you don’t over capitalise on the renovation and blow it out. Chloe will be speaking at our upcoming Bathroom Renovation Masterclass in Sydney where she will share more insights and inspiration on the topic of renovating to sell versus renovating a forever home. In the meantime, we caught up with the Lifestyle expert to seek some quick tips to take away right now.

Renovating to sell

reece bathroom freestanding bath2

Renovating a bathroom to sell a property is likely to be out of necessity; for example, perhaps the bathroom is a little dated and needs a revamp in order to appeal to a mass market of buyers. Chloe’s top tip here is to keep the overall design and look and feel of the bathroom simple and modern. Avoid trying to imbue the space with trends that speak to your personal sense of style, or splashing out on mod-con features.

Considering trends or polarising features will help when it comes to selling the property, too. Certain fixtures may suit your lifestyle, but if it’s a home built for a family, would they be interested in buying your home if you’ve replaced all baths with showers? These are all things to keep in mind when renovating to sell.

Creating storage will also help add value – think about your buyers and what may appeal to a wider audience. Wall-hung vanity units help to create space, but remember storage is integral in the bathroom, so it may be worth looking for a wall-hung vanity that contains plenty of storage, too.

Renovating a forever home

reece bathroom matte black

It goes without saying that renovating a forever home means you have more freedom to play with the design, fixtures and fittings that really resonate with your sense of style.

Embrace trends that suit you; for example, if you love bold looks try a feature wall paired with fun, complementary tiling that reflects your style. If you love a more minimalist look, keep it simple and pared back. Not sure what your style is? Take time to get this right, as you’ll have to live with the results for several years if you miss the mark.

If your bathroom layout does not quite give you what you want, for example there is no natural light or the configuration is a mess, then take this as your chance to get it right – within your budget, of course. Creating skylights or reconfiguring the space to reflect how you want your bathroom to flow will help you embrace your forever home.

Chloe is a panellist at our upcoming Bathroom Renovation Masterclass on Saturday March 30 at View by Sydney, alongside Elle Lovelock from Real Living magazine and the renovation trio from Three Birds Renovations.

The event will be live streamed across the Reece Bathrooms Facebook page, so be sure to tune in on the day for all the info you need for your next renovation.

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