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Bathroom storage for clutter-bugs and neat freaks

Wednesday, April 6th 2016

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When it comes to choosing the right storage for our home, we often put a lot of effort into finding just the right solutions for our bedroom, kitchen and study areas. But what about the bathroom? Here’s a handy guide to help!

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We’re always looking for ways to reduce the clutter, optimise space and find storage solutions that help us live and work better. But what about the bathroom?

As the bathroom moves away from pure function and becomes more of a living zone, comfort and cleanliness become increasingly important. Good storage minimises clutter and maximises the room available, helping to promote a calm, happy and stylish bathroom area.

If you’re a neat freak, then a clean, minimalist bathroom is the way to go. The Cibo Habitat bathroom furniture collection, including mirror cabinet and linen cabinet with open shelving, provides just the right amount of space for storing your bare essentials and displaying stylish accessories. Even better, the Cibo Habitat’s wall-hung vanity lifts your storage off the floor and onto the wall – keeping your floor clean and spacious.

For all those clutter bugs out there, a hold-all and hide-all approach keeps your bathroom life running smoothly. The Posh Solus Vanity and Mirrored Cabinet hides all your bits and bobs behind closed doors, while a set of open shelves allow you to keep your every-day essentials within easy sight and reach.

Imagine a beautiful vanity that includes everything from a laundry basket to shaving cabinet and make-up drawers. Custom vanity ranges like the ISSY Z8 Butterfly come with a tallboy storage unit option that provides a vertical shelving solution for everyday essentials – including that laundry basket. The tallboy also contains a set of concealed cosmetic drawers with quilted lining – a beautiful integrated luxury that just happens to be very functional!

If you’re looking for extra storage to keep your towels, a great double-tick solution is the Hydrotherm Milan Floor to Ceiling Heated Rail, which keeps your towels warm and dry – not to mention stored in one place.

And for all those loose bathroom items that are essential to your everyday bathing rituals, accessories such as hooks, floating shelves, back-of-door hangers and stools are a quick and easy solution.

Start organising your bathroom life today with vanities and bathroom furniture, click here, as well as accessories and homewares, click here.


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