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Our top bathroom hits of 2018

Wednesday, December 26th 2018

Return to the Powder Room

As we close off on another year, we look back on the top bathroom design trends of 2018.

the powder room bathroom shower the block

2018 has drawn to a close. It’s the time for reflection on the year gone by and contemplation of the future. We’ve seen a lot of innovation and change in the bathroom space. Bathroom design is breaking out of old traditions, embracing colour accents and open wet zones. Technology has moved in, with underfloor heating, smart toilets and showers, as well as a whole host of new lighting options.

This year we’ve seen a number of our renovation partners deliver stunning bathrooms. Alisa & Lysandra knocked it out of the park with their Albert Park Project. Three Birds Renovations took on a 60s style renovation, transforming the tired house into an inspiring, welcoming home. Julia and Sasha designed an amazing family-friendly home that mixes classic and contemporary design. And the transformation of The Gatwick on The Block was a renovation masterclass, delivering as always an impressive collection of bathrooms, ensuites, and powder rooms.

Across all projects both from professional designers and budding home renovators, we saw many key trends emerge again and again. Here’s a rundown of what those trends were and how they were implemented.

1. Coloured Tapware

the powder room bathroom alisa lysandra bathroom reno

Bathroom finishes have come a long way in the past few years. Coloured tapware, showers, and even accessories were a hit in 2018, introducing texture and variety into a room that often favours white and neutral surfaces. Alisa and Lysandra opted for tumbled brass in their main bathroom, which will age elegantly over time. Julia and Sasha used gold tapware throughout their whole home, including the kitchen, ensuring a sense of flow and a luxe ambiance. The Three Birds Renovations team chose matte black in the main bathroom for a bold and modern statement. And in The Gatwick, we saw brushed gunmental, matte black, and even the stainless steel Milli Inox from Norm and Jess.

Carefully matching the finish of your tapware with your bathroom’s design creates a cohesive flow. Consider the colours of your tiling, bath, shower and vanity, and choose tapware that will deliver.

2.  Solid Surface Finishes

the powder room bath stone reece

Solid surface is a versatile material that’s seen a lot of use this year. It’s a seamless, high-end addition that provides a luxurious feel.

Over on The Block, every couple integrated solid surface finishes into their impressive apartments and penthouses. Kerrie and Spence used a Kado Lussi Freestanding Bath to great effect in their main bathroom. Courtney and Hans paired their Kado Lussi bath with matching Kado Lussi Basins for a cohesive, streamlined look. Their powder room also featured an Omvivo Neo Centered Wall Basin, which sports a smooth matte finish and allows for plenty of usable bench space.

The Kado Lussi Freestanding Bath saw a lot of love outside of The Block too. Alisa and Lysandra included the bath and basins in their main bathroom, and Julia and Sasha placed the bath in their Elsternwick renovation. The Kado Lussi is a versatile freestanding bath that comes in both 1500mm and 1700mm sizes, which makes it perfect for a wide range of bathrooms.

3. Highlight Vanities

the powder room bathroom vanity ISSY halo

While vanities have been seen as purely functional pieces used for storage and basin placement, this year we saw a huge focus on the vanity, even becoming the hero piece in many bathrooms. The rising prominence of feature vanities is only natural, given the fact that it is one of the most high-traffic areas of the bathroom.

In May, Zuster released their Issy Halo vanities in collaboration with Reece Bathrooms, which shook up the vanity space. Everyone fell in love with the Halo and its unique ribbed timber exterior. Three Birds Renovations used a Charcoal Oak finish to create a striking contrast with their light white and pink tiles. On The Block, Hayden and Sara included the Halo in their challenge bathroom.

Former Block contestants Alisa and Lysandra incorporated not one but two Halos in their Albert Park terrace; in the ensuite, a Deep Night Sky top to enhance the luxe feel, and in the main bathroom, a Glacier White top to capture natural light from the skylight.

4. Thin Edged Basins

Delicate and elegant, thin edged basins continued to rise in popularity in 2018. Alisa and Lysandra featured Laufen Ino basins in their Albert Park renovation. This basin is made from SaphirKeramic, which enables its unique design with fine lines and curves. Three Birds Renovations loved the Alape Basin in a moody matte black finish, complementing the dark and broody Halo Vanity to create a mature space.

On The Block, Courtney and Hans won the main bathroom challenge week. Their secret? A pair of stunning Alape Unisono counter basins, which are pressed from a single sheet of steel. Kerrie and Spence took these basins to the next level in their powder room room with the bi-colour finish; a classy matte black exterior paired with a classic white gloss interior.

Read more about the impact of little details here. See Alisa & Lysandra’s Albert Park renovation here.

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