Discover the Latest Generation of Smart Toilet and Bidet Technology

Discover the Latest Generation of Smart Toilet and Bidet Technology

We’re all looking for ways to improve our home’s cleanliness, and the bathroom is the most important room to keep our homes healthy and hygienic.

Whether you’re looking for straightforward ways to upgrade your hygiene factor or are keen to explore your options as part of a bigger bathroom project, bidets, Smart Toilets and bidet seats are three exciting products leading the way in bathroom sanitation.

Each offers a range of features designed to enhance the bathroom experience, as well as significantly reducing toilet paper consumption. So what are they and how do they differ? Read on and find out.


Heavily popular in Europe, bidets provide washing functionality in addition to the bathroom toilet. Bidets, similar to a toilet bowl but shorter in height, are typically used to wash off intimate areas after using the toilet.

Bidets are a great way to separate the waste and washing elements of going to the bathroom.

Bidets can also be handy for other purposes, such as shaving legs and washing feet.

Product picks
Roca The Gap Back to Wall Bidet
Roca Meridian Back to Wall Bidet
Laufen Pro A Back to Wall Bidet

Smart Toilets

Combining the function of a normal toilet with the cleaning advantages of a bidet, a Smart Toilet is the ultimate intelligent toilet. Today’s Smart Toilets integrate a number of cleaning functions, including the ability to control pressure, air and water flow, with a remote too.

  • Achieve your level of comfort with a remote control to change settings with.

  • Discover a superior clean with washing and drying functions.

  • The Roca In-Wash® Inspira Smart Toilet is available in a back to wall configuration.

  • The wall hung Roca In-Wash® Inspira Smart Toilet also includes hygienic rimless technology.

On top of enjoying a new level of creature comforts at home, the Smart Toilet also cleans itself, with the nozel self sanitising after every use. It also has a built in night light to make it easier to access in the dark.

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Discover the full benefits of a Roca In-Wash® Inspira Smart Toilet here.

Bidet Seats

Fresh to the Australian market, bidet seats bring Smart Toilet functionality to the humble toilet pan we’re all familiar with.

They’re essentially a bidet toilet seat, including nozzles for rear and feminine cleaning, adjustable seat and water temperature functionality, adjustable spray strength and nozzle position and convenient self-cleaning functions.

The new American Standard SpaLet® E-Bidet sits comfortably on compatible American Standard Toilets, allowing you to add functionality of a smart toilet at an affordable price point, without changing over the whole toilet. 

The SpaLet® E-Bidet can fit on other toilets too, but not all, so we recommend heading into your local Reece showroom for a template to insure it will fit your current toilet.

Which is right for you?

Bidets, Smart Toilets and bidet seats all have their own distinct advantages. Some people enjoy the full functionality of a traditional bidet, and others love the advanced features and hygiene of a Smart Toilet. 

If you’re looking for best of both worlds at an affordable price, then a bidet seat could be for you.