How to Add Value to Your Main Bathroom in Just Four Steps

How to Add Value to Your Main Bathroom in Just Four Steps

With just four new products, here’s how you can upgrade your main bathroom to add luxury, liveability and re-sale value to your home.

Is 2019 the year to give your main bathroom a facelift? Whether you’re considering a new build, full renovation or focused upgrade, innovations in shower and toilet design together with great ranges in vanity units and baths, means that by focusing on these four product choices you can dramatically enhance the look and feel of your main bathroom.

Any real estate agent will tell you how important the bathroom is for a home’s resale value, so it follows that an upgraded main bathroom is also an investment in the future value of your home. Enjoy your new bathroom now, and enjoy the re-sale benefits later — everyone wins!

Upgrade the shower

Nothing beats a great shower experience. It can invigorate and energise you for the morning ahead, and refresh and relax you at the end of a long day. The shower is an obvious choice for an upgrade, with the latest twin showers well suited for a retrofit as long as the outlets match up with your existing plumbing.

The Posh Domaine Short Twin Shower in stylish matte black offers an overhead and a handheld shower to cater for different heights and moods, with three settings for convenience and a flexible water outlet to retrofit to an existing shower space.

The GROHE Power & Soul Twin Shower in classic chrome includes four spray patterns that can be mixed and matched for a total of 16 different spray combinations.

Update the vanity

The vanity is often the unsung hero of the main bathroom, setting the design tone and providing all-important storage to ensure your space remains clutter-free.

The Posh Domaine range of vanity units offers outstanding quality, beautiful timeless design, and a very affordable way to refresh a main bathroom and add value to your home. The Posh Domaine vanity range is truly customisable to your needs, with features including basin type, materials/finish and doors, drawers and cupboards. A double basin unit with large drawers in a polar white finish? Or a single integrated basin unit with single cupboard in dark woodgrain? You’ll find these and many more in the Posh Domaine range.

Transform the toilet

Nothing ages a bathroom more quickly than a tired toilet well past its use-by date. Updating with a new toilet can significantly increase your bathroom’s comfort factor and your environmental credentials, with the new models much more efficient in water usage with each flush.

These days, it’s all about rimless design toilets. This is truly a bathroom revolution, with rimless design reducing the buildup of germs, making it much simpler and faster to clean the toilet, and significantly improving the look of the toilet. A good example of the new rimless design is the American Standard Cygnet

A second option is the ground-breaking Roca In-Wash® Inspira Smart Toilet. After selling out last year when featured on The Block, this smart toilet with bidet functionality is proving very popular. It offers sensor lights for nighttime, adjustable washing and drying functionality, and self-cleaning. It’s the highest standard of hygiene and technology seen in Australian bathrooms.

Add some bath bliss

A true relaxation destination, the tub is a great opportunity to add value to your bathroom. When it comes time to sell your home, a bath will appeal to a variety of different buyers; for families with small children or pets to those who seek the luxury that a blissful soak provides.

The Kado Lux Petite Freestanding Bath comes in an eye catching black/white finish perfect for the growing trend of colour within bathrooms. Alternatively, an inset bath like the Posh Domaine can also be a great option. With the right hob layout, inset baths have the bonus of a ledge for storage or a place to sit while bathing young children, and are easiest when it comes to keeping the bathroom clean.