The 4 Benefits of Enjoying a Superior Clean with a Bidet Seat in Your Home

The 4 Benefits of Enjoying a Superior Clean with a Bidet Seat in Your Home

One of the easiest ways to improve personal hygiene and enjoy a more comfortable toilet experience comes in the form of a bidet.

Bidets are a great solution to improve your family’s hygiene because they’re a clever way to upgrade to a toilet with smarts. Relatively new to Australia, we’ve just released our first bidet seat.

You may have encountered one abroad — either as an electronic toilet seat, a Japanese toilet, or in Europe, as a standalone bidet.

But what is a bidet toilet seat and what are the benefits of having one in your home?

What’s a bidet seat?

Bidet seats deliver the functionality of a traditional bidet by sitting on top of the already installed toilet, in precisely the same way as a traditional toilet seat.

Controlled by a side remote, bidet seats are hooked up to your existing water connection and use a nozzle to spray a jet of warm water which cleans intimate areas. They also come with a drying function, significantly reducing the need for toilet paper in a more hygienic way.

The SpaLet® E-Bidet fits onto most American Standard toilet pans

What are the benefits of a bidet seat?

#1 Enjoyable comfort

This may be an unusual way to describe a toilet, but a bidet seat can remove the chills in the morning and in winter with its heated seat and adjustable temperature control, with a range from 28-40°. Never fear a cold seat again!

On top of this, the bidet spray has a massage function, giving the posterior a rejuvenating spritz. Now that’s self-care.

#2 Superior clean

The cleaning functionality is easy to control. With one touch of a button, set the wheels in motion for a more hygienic and superior clean.

The in-built dryer has adjustable temperature control too, to finish the process at a pace with which you’re comfortable. The drying setting will be different for everyone, so take time to find the right setting for you.

#3 Improved hygiene

With not one but two nozzles that can be dedicated to front and rear cleaning, bidet seats have a number of spray patterns, meaning you can control just how much water you need. From water direction to temperature, enjoy a customised and superior clean.

Bidet seats are extremely hygienic — they feature smart self-cleaning, as well as an antibacterial coating for added peace of mind.

#4 Easy modern convenience

If you’re worried about installation, don’t be. The bidet seat is designed to fit on many American Standard toilets, meaning you don’t need to fork out on upgrading the toilet pan as well.

They also fit on other toilets too, but not all, so we advise heading into your local Reece showroom for a template to check if they’re compatible with your toilet.

Finally, conserve power with one touch to turn off the seat and heating functions.

With a range of hygienic, comfort-enhancing and sanitary improvements, you can transform your toilet to be a seat above the rest.

For more info on bidet seats, check out the American Standard SpaLet® E-Bidet.