Three Birds Renovations Answer Your Top Bathroom Reno Questions

Three Birds Renovations Answer Your Top Bathroom Reno Questions

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Renovating a bathroom is nothing new for Bonnie, Erin and Lana of Three Birds Renovations. However, if the world of renovating is new to you, not knowing how or where to begin can keep you wondering ‘one day’ instead of starting your project.

If you’re embarking on a bathroom renovation, we’re here to the rescue with answers to the most commonly asked questions – straight from the Three Birds’ trio to you.

From the perfect layout and design choices to money-saving hacks, equip yourself with intel from the best in the biz before beginning the bathroom makeover of your dreams.

What do you wish you knew about bathroom renovation before diving into your very first project?

When we were flipping houses, our biggest tip was not to move the plumbing, and this still stands firm today. Moving plumbing (and windows) in bathroom renovations can come with a high cost, so make sure it’s going to be worth it before you start totally rejigging a bathroom.

Bathrooms also run the risk of being too stark and cold because of all the hard surfaces required to make a waterproof space. We’ve learnt to overcome this by styling our bathrooms with as much attention as we would in any other room of the house.

"A renovation can be one of the most daunting and expensive things you’ll ever do … but also the most rewarding."

While it depends on the space you have to work with, how do you decide on the perfect layout for your bathroom?

We’re big fans of hiding the toilet so that it’s not the first thing you see when you walk into the room, or when you’re walking past. Hiding the toilet also helps to maximise the space you have to work with.

One of our fave layouts was used in House 13, which then inspired the ensuite at House 14. A central freestanding bathtub, with the shower and toilet, tucked on either side of a dividing wall, created a sense of privacy without adding doors.

Watch Lana give us a tour of House 14.

And to make the space feel bigger?

Choose fittings and fixtures that are an appropriate space for the room. In a bathroom, you could choose a smaller sized vanity and bath or forgo a bath altogether if it’s not essential for your family. Adding a skylight to flood the room with light also does wonders.

  • Add basin styles you like to your moodboard.

  • Timeless tapware in the powder room of House 14

Preparing to share a bathroom with your partner can be a stressor on its own, so what happens if a difference in design opinion is thrown into the mix?

We hear this all the time! We’d recommend creating a vision board to visually explain your thoughts and idea to your partner and if they’re not on board, ask them to create a board too. Then you can work together to combine common ideas and get back on the same track.

"Bathroom renovations don’t have to be crazy expensive!"

We’re sure you’re asked this all the time, but how do you renovate a bathroom on a budget?

We teach our Reno School students all our best bathroom budgeting tips, such as not moving the plumbing and refreshing your current bathroom with a lick of paint for a short-term makeover.

You can also save on materials and labour by only tiling halfway up the wall. Tiling 1.2 metres up is usually a good height to get the gorgeous, tiled look, without the expense of going all the way to the ceiling.

On the topic of tiles, how do you decide on the right materials for your bathroom?

It all comes back to your vision board. If it’s telling you classic Carrara marble look tiles, then it’s safe to say you should step away from the pink penny rounds. In terms of functionality, you’ll need to check the suitability for use on the floor, making sure it’s a larger sized non-slip tile with fewer grout lines (if scrubbing grout is not your thing).

Your vision board should also have pics of basins that suit the style of bathroom you wish to create as well. In addition, you’ll need to consider what is practical for your room and vanity as an inset basin, for example, will eat into your cupboard storage space.

  • Try wallpaper for a quick and easy makeover

  • The classic powder room in House 14

  • Bring personality into the bathroom through styling

Bathroom trends come and go, so how do you renovate a bathroom for longevity?

Choose classic tiles and timeless fittings, bringing personality into your bathroom through styling. Then style your bathrooms as beautifully as any other room in the house. Greenery, rattan furniture, plush towels, candles, and flowers are all lovely ways to help create atmosphere and can totally change the look of a bathroom.

Any final advice for those bringing their bathroom vision to life?

Lack of ventilation can ruin a bathroom, resulting in a damp and mouldy space. Also, don’t forget about heating – underfloor heating and a heated towel rail can transform a cold bathroom.

Finally, a renovation can be one of the most daunting and expensive things you’ll ever do… but also the most rewarding.

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