Bathroom Renovation Guide

wall hung pan

Wall Hung Toilet Pan

The Pan hangs from the wall and connects to a hidden cistern and wall mounted buttons.

back to wall pan

Back to Wall Toilet Pan

The pan sits flush with the wall and connects to a hidden cistern and wall mounted buttons.

back to wall suite

Back to Wall Toilet Suite

The suite sits flush with the wall to conceal all piping. Many of these are available with back (hidden behind the cistern) or bottom (exposed to the right or left of the pan) water inlets.

close coupled suite

Close Coupled Toilet Suite

The suite features a joined pan and cistern.

link suite

Link Toilet Suite

Most flexible in toilet pan set-outs as they are a two-piece system perfect for renovations and retrofitting.

smart toilet

Smart Toilet

A smart toilet combines the functionality of a bidet with a regular toilet, concealed within one suite. Washing and drying functionality is activated by a separate remote control.

rimless toilet

Rimless Toilet

Without any edges, holes or angles on the pan's surface, rimless toilets have less area for bacteria to build up, making them a hygienic solution for any home.

06 16 05 bidet


A bidet is a specialised suite designed for refreshing and washing your private parts after using the toilet. Typically positioned alongside the traditional toilet, modern bidets can now be concealed into one suite (see Smart Toilet).



The humble toilet has come a long way in both design and technology. With sleek, intelligent and rimless designs available, the toilet no longer has to hide in the shadows.


Expert tip

Consider a toilet with rimless technology to increase hygiene in your bathroom. And without a rim around the bowl's surface, there are less crevices for bacteria to build up in, making cleaning the toilet easier.