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Bathroom Renovation Guide

Customer renovation story – Imagined by Kate, Realised with us


Kate is a natural-born entertainer and loves welcoming friends and family into her home. With her now grown-up children having flown the coop, it was time for Kate's place to take on a mature renovation. From a tired, uninspired set of bathrooms, to modern, practical and relaxed bathroom spaces, Kate's project was a necessary transformation. She wanted a timeless set of bathrooms designed for functionality for years to come.


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The challenge

No substrate, waterproofing and some concerning cracked tiles – it was in a worn-out state. Needing more than just a lick of paint and some sparkly new tapware, Kate’s bathrooms required a complete makeover. What she needed was a bathroom that worked better for her family, and better for the times.

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The vision

Light, without being all white, Kate’s dream design was to be timeless and filled with all the modern creature comforts. It wasn’t about being ‘on-trend’ or ‘in fashion’; she sought practicality and refined beauty.

01 02 03 the team FitMaxWzkzMCwzMzZd

The team

Kate knew what she wanted. With some prior reno experience, all she required was the right people to bring her vision to life. Selecting a squad was an easy decision, she had close friend Marisha on board for interior consultation, and Chris, the plumber, for all-round expert handyman work.

01 02 04 the result FitMaxWzkzMCwzMzZd

The result

Three modern, timeless and multi-functional spaces. Kate’s master bathroom, ensuite and powder room were made over with a neutral, sandy palette. Filled with classic chrome fixtures, heated towel rails and a multi-spray pattern shower, the result was the perfect mix of simplicity and indulgence.

What you need to know


Kate's tip

Plan for traffic flow, like space by the vanity and in the shower zone.

Create a bathroom fit for function, where everything works well and is in the right place.