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Bathroom Renovation Guide

Design in 3D

Sometimes it helps to see a mockup of your plans before you start to build. Whether you're designing a brand new bathroom or planning a renovation, our expert Bathroom Consultants will help you to visualise the bathroom you've always wanted.



1 creatfloorplan update

01 Layout your floorplan

Explore your layout options. Work with your existing measurements or add extra walls, windows and doors as needed. 

2 select

02 Choose your products

Choose from hundreds of Reece products in a range of shapes, styles and colours.

3 define

03 Define your style

Get creative and find a look you love. Change your tiles and finishes to fit whatever you’re imagining.

4 create

04 Bring your designs to life

Place your products in a 3D space and seamlessly move them around, snap them to walls or stack them vertically.

5 share

05 Share your vision

Easily share your plans with friends and tradespeople, or bring it along to a free in store consult to start bringing it to life.