Bathroom Renovation Guide

Top bathroom trends

Define your vision and start to discover what's possible. These are the top four trends as voted by customers to get you started on your renovation journey. Find the trend that fits your personality and your home.



Neo classic

A Celebration of Individual Character. Merging modern design elements with the personality of traditional features, Neo Classic is a playful blend of past and present.

Hotel inspired

Hotel inspired

A Hotel Experience at Home. The decadent touches of a high-end hotel can be recreated at home with stone surfaces, feature basins and eye-catching taps. Luxury is in every detail, so natural lighting, underfloor heating and large tiles play a big part.

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Day spa

A Personal Wellness Retreat. A spa visit is synonymous with a feeling of relaxation and pampering. Creating that environment at home is a surefire way to love where you start and end your day.



Where Past Meets Present. Classic and understated, a Traditional captures the essence of time and brings it to life in the bathroom. Simple, classic and timeless.