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Bathroom Renovation Guide

Top bathroom trends

Define your vision and start to discover what's possible. These are the top five trends as voted by customers to get you started on your renovation journey. Find the trend that fits your personality and your home.


Art Deco Tile image 1

Art Deco

More is more, this trend is all about maximalism. Merging soft shapes and intricate details, evoking the glamour of the era. Think scalloping, patterns, gold finishes and dark timbers.

Hotel Experience Tile image 1 v2

Hotel Experience

A Hotel Experience at Home. Create bold contrasts by pairing metallic finishes with natural stone. With drama from bold finishes like matte black and dark timber. Elevated with luxurious freestanding baths, mood lighting and dramatic mirrors.

Day Spa Tile image 1.png

Day spa

A Personal Wellness Retreat. Bring the spa to your home with plenty of space for self-care. Indulgent elements like dual shower heads and luxurious baths. Complimented with cool, soft colours helping you feel pampered and relaxed.

Hampton Tile Image


Elegantly timeless. Selecting a mix of classic finishes and heritage details with classic whites and natural textures. A timeless look with accent colours in coastal and regional locations.

Modern Australian Tile v2

Modern Australian

Inspired by Australia’s landscape. Using terracotta, eucalyptus and sea blue tones. Layered in natural textures and brushed nickel. With round organic shapes to complete the space.