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Bathroom Renovation Guide

Where do I start with my bathroom renovation?

Your bathroom renovation may seem overwhelming. There are lots of decisions to be made! Take it step by step. Start by looking at other bathrooms to give you a feel for what you like. Check out some of our favourite trends here.

Do I need an interior designer for my bathroom renovation?

A designer can advise you on things like colours and trends, as well as product selections and layout. Not every bathroom project will need the help of a professional designer. You may be able to do this yourself with help from your builder.

How do I turn my bathroom into a relaxation space while catering for my family’s daily needs?

Indulge every sense by bringing in warm timbers, soft textures and raw materials to create a lush wellness oasis. Choose a vanity unit and mirrored cabinet that has enough storage for the whole family. A twin shower gives you two in one – the hand-held piece is great for cleaning the shower, while the overhead gives you a relaxing rainfall experience. When it comes to flooring, choose a warm and inviting muted palette, and consider non-slip tiles for added safety for your family.

Paint vs Tile