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Bathroom Renovation Guide

I’ve only got a small budget for my bathroom renovation – where should I invest?

As the most frequented product in your bathroom, tapware is a key area where you should invest. Shop for longevity, durability and quality. Look out for a good WELS rating and choose a timeless style that will last the test of time.

Showers are another important product to invest in. You begin and finish your day in the shower, so be sure to choose one that delivers a transformative experience. Visit our working shower displays in most Reece showrooms to test out pressure and spray patterns to help you make your decision.

What is an in-wall toilet?

In-wall toilets are a great space saver, as the cistern is hidden behind the wall. If you’re contemplating an in-wall toilet, consider the access point to the cistern for maintenance as this can have an impact on the types of buttons you can choose or where the buttons are located. Check out our toilets guide to find the right type for your bathroom.

How do I find the right showerhead?

Most Reece Bathroom Showrooms have working shower displays, which are a great way to try out the products before you purchase.

I am building an alfresco area in my backyard. What kind of tapware and showers can I use?

Outdoor sinks, tapware and showers are exposed to harsher conditions, so always choose 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel to withstand the Australian climate. Discover the Milli Inox outdoor bathroom range.

What products are available for the kitchen?

Not only can you find kitchen tapware and sinks at Reece, we also have a great range of kitchen appliances. With European design sensibilities always at the forefront, Franke appliances strive to add style, modernity and elegance to any kitchen.

How do I minimise cleaning in the bathroom?

Toilet designs have significantly improved over the years and now offer features and functionality that promote superior hygiene. Rimless technology is one of those features, without a rim, there are less crevices for the bacteria to hide, which makes toilet cleaning a little more pleasant.

GROHE’s SmartControl Shower comes with a built in anti-lime system called SpeedClean which assists in the prevention and removal of limescale build-up on the small water outlet points. Additional limescale deposits can be simply removed by wiping a cloth across the shower face. Twinrail or handheld showers are also great for hygiene, as the flexible nozzle allows you to clean the shower area and shower screen easily.

Nanokote is a protective coating which can be applied to glass and ceramic surfaces, to provide an anti- stick surface repelling everything, including water, to stop corrosion of surfaces for up to 10 years.

Moisture and dampness promotes mould, so if your bathroom doesn’t have a window that can be opened to air it out regularly, it’s worth investing in a powerful exhaust. The new Kado Lux 2-in-1 Fan Exhaust and Kado Aspect Inline Flushmount Exhaust are effective options, warming the air in the bathroom and keeping it dry. 

What cleaning products should I use on my bathroom products?

We recommend the use of soapy water or approved cleaners. Your products should not be cleaned with abrasive materials.

How can I introduce technology into my bathroom?

Homes are becoming more and more connected – and the bathroom is no different! Add hygiene and functionality to your bathroom with products like:

The Roca In-Wash Inspira Smart Toilet: Which houses built-in washing and drying functionality within the modern suite. With a remote control that enables complete customisation of water temperature, pressure and direction, this is the future of toilets.

The Grohe SmartControl Shower System: Which enables you to choose from a number of settings to set and forget your optimum temperature and customised spray functionality for ultra relaxation.

Thermostatics: Which provide consistent temperature for your entire shower, with no ups and downs caused by other outlets in use. Blissfully predictable showering without risk of scalding.

Kado Aspect Mirror: Which incorporates warm and cool LED lighting operated via a touch sensor as well as anti-fogging and condensation reduction capability.

Where can I add luxury to my bathroom?

You’ve waited for what may seem like forever for this bathroom – treat yourself! Deck your bathroom out with the best of the best with inclusions like underfloor heating, heated towel rails, heat lamps and more. Chat to your builder or plumber to ensure you’ve allowed for these inclusions in the planning process.