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Bathroom Renovation Guide

Ordering products


If you love something, make sure you order it in time to get it. Like many other things in the home, some bathroom products come with a wait time, like custom vanities and special finish tapware. 

Wait times vary from product to product, dependent on your requirements, the level of customisation and product demand.

Account for this in your plan. Place your orders as close to the time of selection as you can to avoid delaying the process of your tradespeople. Reece will stage the deliveries to meet your builder or plumber's requirements.

Note: these timings are indicative and may vary.




Vanities & Cabinets

If you're looking at a custom vanity you'll need to allow time for the vanity to be made. The material and finishes you choose will impact the lead time for production.

custom finished tapware

Custom finished tapware

Similarly, the time taken for custom tapware to be produced will be dependent on the finish you choose. Special metallic finishes like brushed nickel and brushed gold can take longer than standard gloss finishes.



A freestanding bath is one of the few items that can be delivered closer to completion of the project. If you are planning to have this delivered early think about where you'll store it- they can be big but also heavy.

shower screen

Shower screen

Fitting a shower screen requires two visits: one to measure the space, and one to install the screen and ensure it fits perfectly. Check with your installer to understand the timings before you start.