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Bathroom Renovation Guide

How to measure your space

Measuring your bathroom properly is essential to ensure all of your products fit as planned. Miscalculated measurements can cause costly delays down the track, so always measure twice before you make your selections. Your builder, plumber or project manager can also help you with this process.


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Tip 1 - Ceiling height

Be sure to measure the ceiling height on every wall as they may not all be exactly the same.

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Tip 2 - Existing fittings

Measure and note the placement of any existing wall plumbing, electrical and light fittings.

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Tip 3 - Look out for obstacles

Measure the location of obstacles (include doors, windows, and pipe chases) along each wall. Record their width, height and depth (from their outer edges).

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Tip 4 - Corners

Check the squareness of the corners at the floor, base and wall cabinet levels. So you can account for any issues you might have during installation.

Product measurement guide

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