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Bathroom Renovation Guide

Family bathroom reno - Imagined by Kolong Interiors, Realised with us


From a 1950s red-brick house that needed a bit of love, to a versatile, purposeful space made for indulgence; the An family home by Kolong Interiors needed a major overhaul to better service the family of four. They wanted a space of relaxation for the adults, that was still practical for their two young boys.

01 03 01 the challenge

The challenge

Space was at a premium, with an odd layout that just didn’t work. The bathroom lacked sufficient natural light, had little storage, and was in general need of a freshen up.

01 03 02 the vision

The vision

A escape for young and old alike. The family knew they wanted the luxury of a freestanding bath, the ambience of a classic black and white palette, and a multi-purpose zone that could withstand their busy schedule.

Bi colour basin stream tapware

The details

Sarah and Tony's background in interiors and building is evident in their careful attention to detail. They took risks on featured accents and always selected quality. The black sink, for example, adds a modern dramatic edge to an otherwise classic bathroom.

01 03 04 project highlights

Project highlights

For Sarah and Tony, the best parts of their new bathroom are the little finishing touches. Powerpoints hidden inside drawers, a bath cover to house laptops and tablets, and a fan/heat/light combo in the ceiling for comfort.