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Bathroom Renovation Guide

Build your reno team

Tradespeople are the backbone of your renovation. They manage the timing and execution of your dream bathroom. Choose people you align with and trust, and ensure you engage them at the right time to keep your reno on track.



01 09 01 builder FitMaxWzkzMCwzMzZd


If you're bringing a builder onboard, select one who shares your vision and communicates well. They will be key to your project. (Note: builders may supply their own tradespeople like tilers and electricians.)

01 09 02 plumber FitMaxWzkzMCwzMzZd


Plumbing systems are intricate and require expert knowledge. Plumbers will look after tasks like leak repairs and the installation of pipes and appliances. Be sure to always work with a licensed plumber.

01 09 06 electrician v3 FitMaxWzkzMCwzMzZd


Work with electricity should always be carried out by a licensed professional – both for your safety and to ensure the room meets building regulations. Your electrician will install all powered items including lighting and powerpoints.

01 09 09 architect FitMaxWzkzMCwzMzZd


Architects offer a big picture view and can help you with your approach to design. They are across rules and regulations and can negotiate with the council on your behalf if planning permission is required.

01 09 03 designer FitMaxWzkzMCwzMzZd


This might be you! If not, someone who understands what’s important to you and how you want your bathroom to feel.

01 09 06 bathroom consultant FitMaxWzkzMCwzMzZd

Reece Bathroom Consultant

Make your consultant your reno go-to. They can help with anything from overall project plans to bathroom layouts and product selection.

01 09 08 waterproofer FitMaxWzkzMCwzMzZd


Your waterproofer will ensure the bathroom meets all regulations before the tiling goes in – and prevent damage in the future. They will clean and prime the area, seal joints, holes and fittings with silicone, then coat the area a number of times. It is essential that the job is done by a professional to avoid damage.

Guide for Project Timeline

03 08 01 1

Project Start Meeting

Trades required: Supervisor, Plumber, Electrician, Builder, Designer

Here is where your main team will come together to begin planning your project. It might be just you and your builder, or it could include others like your designer or supervisor.

03 08 02 2

Protection Works, Demolition, Building Works

Trades required: Carpenter

Here is where the team will start prepping your bathroom for the job. Demolition will take place as required and the early building phase will commence. Protection might include plastic sheeting over doors to prevent dust travelling or other structural works.

03 08 03 3

Plumbing Rough In

Trades required: Plumber

Rough in refers to the bones of the plumbing works. Concealing water pipes, plumbing wastes and frames behind the wall and in the floor.

03 08 04 4

Electrical Rough In

Trades required: Electrician

Electrical rough in includes all the cables and wires that sits behind the wall. Your electrician may need to make holes in the plaster to allow for feeding through of wires.

03 08 05 5

Building Work: shower base, straighten walls & ceiling, doors, windows

Trades required: Carpenter

At this stage, your carpenter will start to fit your shower base, straighten walls, and finalise the installation of doors and windows.

03 08 06 6


Trades required: Plasterer

Your plasterer will plaster the walls and ceiling with water resistant board.

03 08 07 7

Plaster Finish

Trades required: Plasterer

Any last touch ups to imperfections such as repairing any cracks in the walls or ceiling, to ensure a smooth finish for painting.

03 08 08 8 v2

Underfloor Heating

Trades required: Electrician

Your electrician will need to lay the underfloor heating before the floor is finished and the tiles are laid.

03 08 09 9 v2


Trades required: Waterproofer

The waterproofer will prep and prime the area, before applying at least two coats of material. It is important to use a licensed professional to ensure this step is done properly.

03 08 11 milestone


03 08 10 10 v2

Cabinet Installation

Trades required: Cabinet maker

Vanities, cupboards and shelving are fixed to the walls.

03 08 12 11 v2

Skirtings and Architraves Install

Trades required: Carpenter

Skirting boards, architraves and other decorative finishes like picture rails are fitted to the walls.

03 08 13 12 v2

Benchtop Check Measure, Fabrication & Installation

Trades required: Stonemason

If you're installing stone benchtops, they will first be checked then measured by your stonemason before installation.

03 08 14 13 v2


Trades required: Tiler

Floor, wall and any niche tiles will be laid. This involves proper placement and spacing, and grouting, and may necessitate cutting of some tiles to fit.

03 08 16 milestone


03 08 15 14 v3

Electrical Fit-Off

Trades required: Electrician

Your electrician will install light fittings, fans, heated towel rails and other electrical items.

03 08 17 15 v3

Plumbing Fit-Off

Trades required: Plumber

Your plumber will complete installation of toilets, tapware, showers and drains.

03 08 18 16 v3

Accessories Fit-Off

Trades required: Carpenter

Final touches to the bathroom include towel rails, hooks, toilet roll holders and shelving. 

03 08 19 17 v3


Trades required: Cleaner

Final tidy up of building materials, loose grout and silicone, as well as stray paint spills or mess.

03 08 20 18 v3


Trades required: Caulker

A sealant is applied around the base of products and joins to protect against leaking.

03 08 21 19 v3

Screen Installation

Trades required: Glazier

The installation of your shower screen will include measurement and checking before final installation.

03 08 22 20 v2

Supervisor & Job Sign Off

Trades required: Supervisor

Final approvals to ensure building regulations are met and all stages are complete and compliant.

03 08 16 milestone v2



How to use

Here is a general timeline for a typical bathroom renovation. It details all the key milestones and stages to act as a reference point for when you’re in planning phase.

Use as a guide only

This timeline is indicative of a standard 3x3 bathroom renovation. All projects vary in terms of time and complexity. Please refer to this as a guide only.