Bathroom Renovation Guide

02 08 01 lean on your neighbours

Lean on your neighbours

Certainly the most practical alternative, chat to your neighbours to see if you can borrow their bathroom while yours is out of action.

02 08 02 Get by with a little help

Get by with a little help from your (family and) friends

If you have local family or friends, ask if you can pop by daily for a shower and a hug.

02 08 03 Use the shower facilities at the gym

Use the shower facilities at the gym or your workplace

Get to work a little early or stop by the gym each day.

02 08 04 If you have two bathrooms

If you have two bathrooms, renovate one at a time

This seems like an obvious solution, but it’s easy to forget when you’re focused on a big project.


Plan ahead

Even with the most solid of plans, bathroom projects can take a while, and there will be times your bathroom is out of action. Be prepared by planning an alternative.