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Bathroom Renovation Guide

twin rail shower

Twin Shower

A shower that combines a rail and overhead shower.

ceiling mounted shower

Ceiling Mounted Shower

A shower mounted flush to the ceiling.

overhead shower

Overhead Shower

An overhead shower can be installed with a wall or ceiling arm.

rail shower

Rail Shower

A shower that slides up and down on a rail.

hand shower

Hand Shower

A showerhead attached to a hose that is fixed on the wall with a bracket and sometimes separate water inlet. The showerhead detaches from its holder.

all directional shower

All Directional Shower

An adjustable wall mounted shower.



A sensational shower can make a good day a great one. Whether you are recharging at the start or refreshing at the end, embrace the power of water therapy.


Personalised experience

Consider a shower with in built technology that caters for your every need. The GROHE Power&Soul® showers feature four innovative spray patterns so you can shower entirely your way.