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Bathroom Renovation Guide

bathroom floorplan


Plan your bathroom layout first. Measure the space and think about where plumbing, windows and doors will be located. Experiment with layouts on paper, or jump online and try the Reece 3D Planner.

03 15 02 inspiration


Make a moodboard with inspiration collected from magazines, brochures, Pinterest and Instagram. Look for great ideas for vanities, fixtures, lighting, furniture, flooring and more, and take notes on what you do and don't like about everything you see.

colour palette

Colour palette

Use colours and materials to create a specific mood. Bring together paint swatches, tile samples, material finishes and even samples from soft furnishings.

tradie info

Tradie info

With any renovation or build, it’s important to engage a registered plumber, builder, electrician, painter, tiler or waterproofer. If you have details already, bring them with you. Use licensed trades people for all specialty work. Do it once and do it right.



Help us help you

Bring as much information as possible for your Reece bathroom consultant, so they can help you achieve your bathroom vision.