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Wide range of baths to suit every bathroom.


Luxurious spa baths to suit every need.

Bath & Spa Accessories

Accessories to suit the bath and spa.

Shower baths

Space parts for basins and wastes.

Bath & Spa Screens

Glass screens installed over a bath or spa.

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Spare Parts for Baths and Spas.

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Maintenance and Repair Kits for your Bath and Spa.

Baths & Spas

Choosing the perfect bath is an important decision. Our range of baths come in many styles and sizes, so you can find the perfect solution to fit your bathroom life. And for the ultimate in relaxation therapy, consider a spa for that extra touch of luxury and pampering. Available in many sizes and configurations, it’s easy to select a bath or spa to suit your space.


Spas have redefined luxury and comfort in the Australian bathroom. If you are looking for the ultimate relaxation after a long day, choose a spa bath with up to 16 jets. Our range of indoor spas vary in shape, size and number of jets. Our corner spas are great for saving space in your bathroom, whilst our freestanding spas help bring hotel luxury into your own home.

Freestanding Baths

Now with an affordable option for all, freestanding baths are the perfect way to bring a modern statement to your bathroom. Try a Kado Lussi freestanding bath which is manufactured from a solid surface material giving it a sophisticated matte finish. Tight on space? A back to wall bathtub in perfect for smaller bathrooms without compromising on style. Going for a traditional Style? Try a clawfoot Kado Era bath.

Inset Baths

Perfect for a growing family, inset bathtubs provide an excellent bathing experience for the entire family. An acrylic bathtub is perfect for children whilst a pressed steel bathtub is great for keeping the water warm for longer - the choice is yours.

Bath/Shower Screens

If your shower is located over your bath, a bath/shower screen is essential for you to reducing splashing water and slip hazards. Posh bath/shower screens are designed to withstand everyday use - some even have a swing panel.