Pool & Spa Products

Pool & Spa Accessories

An assortment of accessories for your pool.

Pool & Spa Chemicals

A unique range of chemicals and minerals.

Pool & Spa Pumps

A variety of pool pumps to suit different applications.

Pool & Spa Filters

A selection of filters and media for clearer water.

Pool & Spa Heating

Heating solutions to satisfy your pool and spa needs.


A range of chlorinators for sanitisation.

Pool & Spa Products

Quality equipment including fixed and variable speed pumps, chlorinators, heat pumps and filters to ensure your pool and spa is healthy and running effectively all year round.

Pool and Spa Chemicals and Minerals

Chemicals and minerals are also available, essential to maintaining the water standard and appearance of your pool and spa.

Pool and Spa Cleaners

Cleaning is made easy with our leaf catchers and pool brooms. Various filters such as sand filters, media filters and cartridge filters to keep your pool water clear and clean. Our brands are leaders in the industry including Henden, Poolrite, Astralpool, Davey and Zodiac so you have peace of mind when it comes to the maintenance of your pool.

Pool and Spa Pumps

Choose from one of our industry leading pool or spa pumps so you can enjoy your pool for longer. We have a range of pool and spa pumps for various size pools that are quiet and efficient to run whilst meeting the requirements of your pool.

Pool and Spa Heating

Heating solutions so you can enjoy your in ground or above ground pool all year round. Stop algae and bacteria developing in your pool water with our pool chemicals and minerals. We have everything from calcium to Bromine tablets to ensure your pool water is clear and healthy.