Hardware & Building Construction

Piping Accessories

Accesories for piping systems.


Assorted fixings.

Pipe Insulation & Lagging

Insulation and lagging for all types of piping.

Sealants & Adhesives

Sealants & adhesives to close openings in materials.


Markers and signs to help identify materials.


Specilaty products for electrical applications.


General building materials.

Soldering Accessories

A range of soldering accessories.


Slabs ideal for static equiptment installation.

Personal Consumables

Personalable consumables out on site.

Hardware & Building Construction

We stock a wide range of general hardware, building, and construction items that are essential for completing any job, big or small. Our product catalogue includes screws, pipe signage, concrete slabs, pipe insulation and pipe lagging, building materials, and personal consumables for when you are out on site.

Sealants, Glue and Adhesives

Select from our wide range of sealants and adhesives to help finalise and secure your jobs. Our sealants include silicone, solvent cement and other lubricants are premium products that are perfect for standing up to hard Australian conditions and weather. Sealing roofing, guttering, flashings, skylights, roof tiles, basins, air conditioning ducting, sinks, shower screens, and bathtubs is easy with our Soudal sealants and silicones. Try our roof and gutter silicone for outdoor applications (it even comes in the colour of your colorbond roof or our bathroom and kitchen silicone for indoor and wet area applications).

Solvents and Cement

Joining pipe is easy with our trusted solvent cement and teflon tape. With every size and type available to you there is no need to look any further for your pipe sealants and adhesives.

Piping Accessories

Secure your pipes safely with our range of piping accessories. We have an extensive range of pipe clips, pipe supports, pipe brackets and pipe saddles for any type or size of pipe.