Backflow Valves

Valves protecting potable water from contamination.

Ball Valves

A selection of ball valves from sizes 15-50mm.

Balancing Valves

Valves that aid the balance of flow rate.

Hot Water Control Valves

Pressure relief and tempering valves for hot water units.

T-Head Stops

A range of T-Head Stops.

Float Valves

A range of float valves to inhibit overflow.

Butterfly Valves

Quarter turn valves to regulate flow.

Gate Valves

A range of gate valves designed to stop flow.

Vibration Eliminators

Widely used to manage pipework expansion.


A range of strainers that remove impuritties from water supply.

Mini Stops

Mini Stops to control the flow of water.

Check Valves

A range of gate valves designed to stop flow.

Actuation Valves

A powered mechanism for opening and closing a valve.

Sluice Valves

Valves that positively stop the flow of water.

Valve Spare Parts

Spare parts for a selection of valves.

Air Admittance Valves

Negative pressure activated one way vents.

Hammer Arrestors

Reducing pipe vibration when valves open & close quickly.

Gas Pressure Valves

Pressure valves for gas applications.


All of our Reece store offer a range of valves to help regulate, manage, stop and direct flow of any water supply.

Ball Valves

Choose from a selection of ball valves ranging from 15mm to 50mm in size. Our Dura, Arco and RMC ball valves are made for both water and gas applications to assist in opening and closing the distribution of flow.

Check Valve

Regardless of the type of check valve you are after, we will have one to suit your needs. Try a tested or untested swing check valve or a tested or untested spring check valve to help you get the job done right. Each come with all the specifications and technical information you need to install them easily.

Pressure Limiting Valves

Fit for any domestic or commercial application, our pressure reducing and pressure limiting valves are essential for controlling and regulating pressure to prevent damage to appliances, plumbing fittings and taps within your home or office. Try our Tomson range for total control and peace of mind.

Float Valves

Used to avoid overflow, we have a wide range of float valves for different types of jobs. Perhaps you are after a brass float valve and float, or a replacement plastic float? We can find the right type of float valve for you.