Plastic and brass nozzles to suit your landscape.

Pop Ups

A variety of pop up sprinklers at different heights.

Sprinkler Spare Parts

Sprinkler spare parts for ease of maintenance.


A unique range of adjustable rotors.


An assortment of rotary sprinklers pop up sprinklers and nozzles to suit any irrigation system. These provide for quality residential and commercial irrigation systems for lawn and gardens that will never fail to impress.

Sprinkler Spare Parts

Need to do some maintenance to your current system? We have all the spare parts and expert advice to help you get your irrigation system under control again.

Pop Up Sprinklers

Pop up and rotary sprinklers are available from quality brands, including Weathermatic and ENKi, and are fit for all your garden irrigation needs. Complete your system with the latest in irrigation control technology with a Weathermatic controller. Save yourself time with pop up sprinklers for your garden and lawn. Easily adjust the water radius and let the sprinklers do the rest. Our pop up sprinklers include a protective rubber coat to keep the debris out, so your lawn will always look it's best. Our premium quality hunter pop up sprinklers will do all the hard work for you with complete piece of mind that the best possible watering job is being done.