Rainwater & Roof Fittings

Fittings for rainwater and roofing.


Accesories for flashing installation.


You're always safer with a roof over your head, so it's only right that the products you use to lay flashing, drains, stormwater and much more are of the highest quality. Supported by leading Australian brands such as Abey, Dura and Bridgland, you can rest assured knowing your roof is secure and fully functional. Browse our wide range of downpipes, stop ends, guttering, downpipe accessories including clips and pops, rainheads, rivets and capping.

Rainwater and Roof Fittings

Backed by trusted brands like Colorbond and Abey, find your rainwater and roof fittings in classic lead and zinc or your preferred colorbond colour. Try classic cream or surfmist for a clean, traditional look. We can match your current roof colour to a colorbond colour with all the fittings and fixtures you need for general maintenance or renovation needs.

Roof Flashings

Available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, there is no need to look further for roof flashing. Our roof flashing is made from quality materials that are backed by a large warranty period. Try an EPDM Dura Superboot or a Lead Dektite flashing that is the perfect tiled roof flashing. We also stock a variety of lead rolls and squares necessary for all of your roofing jobs.