Sump & Drainage Pumps

Ideal for drainage and water transfer.

Jet Pumps

Great for situations where high suction lift is required.

Multistage Pumps

Efficient pumps for high pressure applications.

Submersible Pumps

Silent, space saving and safe pumps.

Pump Controllers

Protect and controll the output of your pump.

Circulator Pumps

Pumps for circulation of hot water.


For moving grey and black waste water to sewer.


Pumps for a wide range of applications, from domestic pressure boosting to rainwater distribution right through to large scale agricultural and building services applications.

Macerators and Lifting Stations

Macerators and Lifting Stations are essential for removing waste water from your home or office. Try a Ciclon LS Lifting Station for your bathroom or kitchen to pump up to 7 metres vertically and 72 metres horizontally. Backed by leading brands like Vada, Davey and Grundfos, our submersible pumps are designed to deliver water from your tank to your home or office every single time.

Submersible Pumps

Some submersible pumps come with their own controllers, whilst others are created for those tough to access areas - we can suggest the perfect submersible pump for your needs. Ideal for drainage and water transfer our sump pumps and drainage pumps are backed by industry leading brands like Vada and Grundfos. There are generally two main types of sump pumps - submersible and pedestal - both with their own benefits. Let one of our friendly staff members help you find the right sump pump or drainage pump for your home or job.

Circulator Pumps

Circulator pumps are specific for the circulation of hot water in your home or office. All circulator pumps come with relevant specifications and technical information necessary for ease of installation.