Water Tanks

Under Ground

Rainwater harvesting systems that are hidden underground.

Tank Accessories

A range of accessories to complement your water tank.

Water Tanks

Water tanks and harvesting systems are a smart solution to collect and preserve rainwater for use in and around the home, including the garden irrigation, toilet and laundry, whilst maintaining the quality of your water. Our water tanks come in many shapes and sizes including slimline water tanks if you have a narrow space beside your home or office.

Underground Water Tanks

Our Graf underground rainwater tanks are the perfect solution for underground water storage. Not only do they help harvest rainfall but are designed to help reduce strain on the public storm water network. Rainwater harvesting can be used for watering gardens, flushing toilets, in washing machines or for general cleaning, not to mention the space savings.

Water Tank Spare Parts

A wide range of accessories and spare parts for water tanks such as ball valves, overflow kits, and leaf eaters to keep leaves from contaminating your drinking water. All tanks and accessories are made to withstand tough Australian conditions.