Toilet Spare Parts

Spare parts for toilets.

Toilet Suites

A wide range of toilet suites.

Toilet Buttons / Access Plates

Buttons and access plates to suit in wall cisterns.

Toilet Pans

Back to wall and wall hung toilet pans.

Access & Mobility Toilets

Toilets that meet the requirements for care applications.

Toilet Cisterns

Toilet cisterns including in wall and external.


Urinals for both commerical and domestic use.


A range of hygienic bidets.


The humble toilet has come a long way to feature today as an integral part of bathroom design. You can complete your bathroom space with a truly beautiful toilet – whether it be organic in shape, geometric in line or minimalist in form. Or embrace some of the latest toilet innovations with a sleek, seamless in-wall cistern or a smart toilet with washing and drying functionality. Toilets have changed in shape and functionality over the years. Choose from a more traditional link connector toilet or opt for a new rimless design in more hygienic which means less cleaning for you - try the Caroma Forma rimless toilet. Majority of toilets are available in an S or P trap setting making retrofitting easy.

Overheight Toilets

Overheight toilets are a great option for the eldery or those with restricted mobility. Overheight toilets even comply with ambulant and disabled standards.

Smart Toilets & Bidets

Bidets and Smart Toilets are a hygienic choice for you and your family. Try the Roca In Wash Inspira Smart Toilet which comes with washing and drying functionality and temperature control. It was all the functions of a bidet but looks like regular toilet whilst suiting everyone's needs.

Hidden Cisterns / In Wall Cisterns

There is nothing more modern than an in wall cistern. Choose from a variety of cistern buttons to suit your toilet pan of choice. Our Geberit cisterns and buttons are industry leading, manufactured from the highest quality materials and a 15 year warranty for your piece of mind.

Rimless Toilets

Quickly becoming the norm in toilets, rimless toilet suites and toilet pans are designed to create a safe and inviting experience for your family. Rimless toilet solutions are easy to clean and use innovative technologies for a powerful flush.