Water Filtration Systems

Water Filtration Systems

Protect kitchen, laundry, indoor and outdoor taps as well as household pipework and fittings that are susceptible to the impact of hard water. At Reece, we have a range of water filters and water softeners that help fight against hard water to reduce limescale on your taps and other wet area products.

Backwash Filters

Our backwash water filters significantly reduce the build-up of foreign particles in your household pipework and taps. Best water technology (BWT) filters help prevent build-up of foreign particles such as sand, rust flakes, coarse material, and lime deposits in your water. A range of BWT water softeners help fight against hard water; reducing limescale wherever water flows, drips or stands. Our automatic backwash water filters require no manual cleaning or the need to change cartridges, so protecting your family, and plumbing fittings is simple - just set and forget.

Water Filter Cartridges

Maintain all of your water filter needs with our wide range of water filters and cartridges. These are designed to reduce sediment, dirt and rust that may be harming your water. Have a chilled or boiling water tap such as a Zip tap? We have replacement cartridges for those as well.

Whole Building Water Filtration

Our whole building water filters will protect the water entering your entire home or office from sediment, dirt and rust, improving overall water quality.