Floor / Shower Wastes

Wastes for use in the floor or shower.

Basin Wastes

Wastes for use with basins.

Bath Wastes

Wastes for use with the bath.

Kitchen & Laundry Wastes

Wastes for use in the kitchen and laundry.

Bottle Wastes

Decorative waste that sits underneath basins.

Waste Spare Parts

Spare parts for plug and wastes.


Wastes represent the ultimate in functionality as well as an attractive design element. Encompassing the drain and plug in wet areas, your waste not only conceals your plumbing but doubles as an elegant finishing touch to your basin, bath and shower. Let your attention to detail shine. Select from our wide range of innovative waste designs, ranging from lift and push plugs to sleek, architectural channel.

Shower Wastes

Keep your shower and other wet areas dry and slip hazard free with a shower grate or shower channel. Made from brass or stainless steel, our floor and shower wastes are minimal in design and perfect to complete any bathroom look.

Basin Wastes

Essential for the functionality of your basin, basin wastes and basin plugs come with or without an overflow to suit any domestic, hotel or commercial application. Try a standard plug and waste for a traditional look or opt for a pop up or pop down basin waste or basin plug to modernise your bathroom.

Kitchen Sink Wastes

Commonly referred to as a basket waste, the functionality of your kitchen sink or laundry sink is dependent on a trustworthy and functional plug and waste. Made from plastic or 304 grade stainless steel, our kitchen and laundry sink plugs are perfect for domestic or commercial applications.